About us

In Malaysia, Chinese tea has traditionally been limited to tea merchants, and in the cups of the working class. Tanah dan Air was born with the aim of  transforming Chinese tea brewing and appreciation as a form of art that is accessible to all. 

Since 2018, I have brewed thousands of pots of tea, for an equal number of strangers, each with their own unique stories and experience. Every tea session is an exercise in finding balance, between temperature, material and time, between myself and my guests. Over time, my tea table has become a focal point for a kaleidoscope of stories, emotions, dreams, heartbreaks, celebrations, happiness, defeat. The full spectrum of life experience. People arrive here as strangers and leave as friends. 

I also regularly organise tea classes with a focus on nurturing the craft of tea tasting and brewing among Malaysians. The online retail store is where you will find a selection of tea pots, tea leaves and locally produced artisanal tea ware. 

I hope Tanah dan Air will be the starting point for people to begin their own journey of discovery in the world of tea. 

After all, tea is best when it is shared.