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Tanah dan Air Tea Bar

Material Sensing

Material Sensing

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Material Sensing - Teapot

Brewing cannot be done without a housing vassal for tea leave and water chemistry reaction, a space that allowed extraction activity. The important of teapot is unquestionable in the process of brewing, but how does the material of teapot affect flavour? Porcelain, zisha, ceramic, glass, which is the best material for brewing? In this workshop we will explore heat retention of different teapot material and also it’s impact on aroma, flavour and texture of tea. 


Material Sensing - Water

Tea is composed of two components: tea leaf extract and water. Producing a good brew typically places much emphasis on the quality of tea leaves, and little attention is given to the water used. When is it suitable to use distilled or tap water when brewing? Is mineral water always the best choice for all types of tea? This workshop explores the variety of water types and examines the impact of mineral content, pH levels, texture, and taste on tea infusions.

This is an advanced class for students who are already familiar with tea brewing. The session will be interactive rather than instructive, meaning participants will taste and discuss flavour notes as a group.

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