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Duck shit tea 老丛鸭屎香

Duck shit tea 老丛鸭屎香

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Afternoon tea - warm pastries, fresh flowers, hot tea.


Origins: Chaozhou, Phoenix Mountain

Year: 2021, spring

Type: Oolong, Phoenix Dancong

Weight: 45g

Processing: partial fermentation, pine-charcoal roasted

Tasting notes: complex notes of vanilla and orchid, buttery and transparent texture, lychee and honey aftertaste.


  • The name Phoenix Dancong is a combination of Phoenix Mountain (where this tea is grown) and dancong (meaning leaves of a single tea tree are processed separately). This method of processing allows every batch of Dancong to have their own unique characteristics.
  • Legend has it that the farmer transplanted this varietal from Wudong mountain and planted it in yellow soil, which some locals call duck shit soil. He later named named it duck shit tea to avoid the evil eyes of his neighbours.
  • This tea is harvested from an aged tree that is 60 years old and above.


英式下午茶 - 奶油甜点,鲜花,热茶


生产年份: 2021年春

种类:乌龙 - 凤凰单丛


重量: 45g


味道: 丰富的层次:香草及兰花的香味,奶油般的口感却是清澈干脆的,荔枝和蜜糖般的甘甜。



  • 凤凰单丛之名取之于凤凰山上采摘的茶叶,以单株採,单株制作的方式,确保一味,一树一香的独特个性。
  • 鸭屎香的由来,据说一名茶农从乌岽山上移植一棵大叶种茶树至黄土上,又称鸭屎土,之后为了避免众人的眼光而盗取其茶穗,而取名为鸭屎香。
  • 采摘于60年以上的老树
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