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Glutinous rice Pu Er 檽米小金沱

Glutinous rice Pu Er 檽米小金沱

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This tea combines cooked Pu'er tea from the Menghai tea area with the unique herbal plant 'nuo mi xiang' (Semnostachya Menglaensis) from Yunnan, resulting in a rice-flavored Pu'er.


No chemical/artificial flavors are added. This tea is full-bodied and mellow, with a herbal tea like fragrance. On the first sip, the thick wood fragrance gradually dissipates and turns into a long glutinous fragrance at the back of the throat. This is the distinctive feature of fine glutinuous rice tea.


1 tablet contain about 8 grams, suitable for 7-8 brew

25 tablets in every 150 gram

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