Collection: Brewing vessel

Tea brewing utensils are tools that are used to prepare and serve tea. Some common tea brewing utensils include teapots, tea kettles, tea infusers, tea strainers, and tea cups. Teapots are vessels that are used to steep tea leaves in hot water to make tea. They are typically made of ceramic, glass, or cast iron, and have a spout for pouring the tea.

Sometimes brewers prefer using a gaiwan which is a traditional Chinese lidded bowl that consists of a bowl, a saucer, and a lid, and is typically made of porcelain or ceramic. Tea leaves are placed in the bowl and hot water is added. The lid is then used to cover the bowl, trapping the heat and allowing the tea to steep. Gaiwans are often used for brewing and drinking high-quality teas, as the porcelain or ceramic material does not affect the taste of the tea and allows for a more pure and subtle flavor to be appreciated.